About Us


Boxter Global Sdn Bhd is an important manufacturer and distributor of a remarkably great selection of safety footwear for all types of industries. 

  • Superior quality, durability and safety are things with which our production has always been associated in the market  ​

Our unique footwear specially designed for all industrial safety.

"Boxter Safety" is an ambitious industrial project, started many years ago.The company has been successful immediately in the sector of safety shoes,manufacturing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) complying with the European Standards in the matter

(Iso 20345:2011 – Iso 20347:2012)

following a business philosophy based on four essential points: quality, strength, design and customer satisfaction.

Boxter Safety has developed various ranges using the lastest technology and machinery (injection processes, bonding, etc.) and the most innovative materials (membranes, breathable fabrics, high rate abrasion resistant linings, highly absorbent outsoles, inner suspension chambers).

Quality As A Norm

Boxter manufactures with a very high standard of quality, ensuring safety footwear with a long life and outstanding comfort.

The future strategy of the firm is making sustainable growth of its brand in global markets.

However, for its condition of manufacturer, the Boxter Safety brand can develop the own brand to a Specialist Distributor, providing expertise, competitiveness and flexibility.

Boxter Safety provides its clients with different values and benefits, including.

  • Strict compliance with product certifications. ​​
  • Possibility of ordering smaller quantities. 
  • More flexible and shorter delivery times. 
  • Development of new products very quickly. 
  • Fast delivery of products in stock. 
  • Direct communication and closeness to the customer 
  • Order on new web platform